In 1970, when the chemistry of natural products was in apogee in Mexico, the Revista Latinoamericana de Química was created as the result of an effort to show at the world the quality of the researches performed in Latin America in that time. This journal was founded by four prestigious researches from México: Dr. Jesús Romo, who was the first president of the editorial council, Dr. Tirso Rios who was the editor in chief and as regional editors the doctors Xorge Alejandro Domínguez and Alfonso Romo de Vivar, also were named eight regional editors from different countries of the American Continent. Since the beginnings this journal has published an important number of international contributions. Nine of the twenty three articles published in the first number were contributions of different countries other than Mexico and one of them was a joint publication with Mexican researches.

The high quality of the articles published by Revista Latinoamericana de Química has been disclosed by the multiple citations of several of them, for example the article “Determination of the structures of the calaxine and the ciliarine, new germacranolides furanics”, A. Ortega, A. Romo de Vivar, E. Díaz y J. Romo. Rev. Latinoamer. Quím. 1, 81 (1970), has been cited several tens of times.

Through the time and with the work of the founders, the Revista Latinoamericana de Química was consolidating as the most prestigious chemical journal of Latin America, getting in 1979 the place 934 between the 1000 more cited journals in the world, according “Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index, Quarterly Supplement, Annual Cumulative for January-December 1979”. With the dead of Dr. Xorge Alejandro Domínguez, in 1992 the Revista Latinoamericana de Química was in trouble and almost disappears.

Since 1997 this journal is published by Laboratorios Mixim S.A. de C.V., with the support of Engineer Jorge Ebrard Maure, having as Editor to Dr. José Calderón (1999-2005).

Dr. Andrés Navarrete is the actual editor of the Revista Latinoamericana de Química, which is working to increase the level of the journal in quality and efficiency in the time of publication of the articles submitted to this journal, as well as in increasing the content of publications related to the pharmacology and analytical aspects of medicinal plants.

Dr. Alfonso Romo de Vivar